Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPT N1】

Sample Lesson Video What will you learn? Master vocabulary, expressions, and verb conjugations related to the JLPT N1 level. By practicing native’s pronunciation, students will be able to speak spoken in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree. Students will be able to read difficult sentences encountered in everyday situationsContinue reading “Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPT N1】”

Japanese Lesson Gift Certificates are available

Are you thinking of buying Japanese lessons for a friend or family member? Unique experiences can be more memorable than stuff. I offer private lessons, so your friends or family will get 100% of my attention during their learning time. Sometimes group lessons or classroom settings can be a little nerve wracking if you areContinue reading “Japanese Lesson Gift Certificates are available”

Homestay in Japan Online Course 【Beginner to intermediate level】

coming soon! Sample Video Lesson ▼ What will you learn? You will learn basic Japanese grammar, counters, greetings and vocabulary. Goal You will be able to listen and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life and generally follow their contents, provided that they are spoken slowly. That way, you can communicate with your host family andContinue reading “Homestay in Japan Online Course 【Beginner to intermediate level】”

Studying Japanese by reading books and How to find Japanese books

自分の好きなジャンルを選ぼう! Tip 1 : Find your favorite kind of books.  あなたの好きなジャンルは何ですか。まずは自分の好きなジャンルやみたことがある映画の本などを探してみましょう。 私の生徒さんに「中学生向けのおすすめ小説を教えてください」と聞かれました。でも、残念ながら私はあまり小説は読まないんですよね。。読書は好きですが、読むジャンルは小説でなく、ノウハウ系をたくさん読みます。ちなみにノウハウというのは”Know-How” が語源で「知識ややり方」のことです。わたしの好きなジャンルは生活(教育、子育て、健康、家のリノベーション、エコホームなど)、ビジネス(心理学、起業、マーケティング、不動産投資)などの分野。 Tip 2 : Keep dictionary close to your hand 日本語の本を読むときは、辞書が近くにあったほうが便利です。本を読んでいるときに知らない単語や表現があったらすぐに調べられます。そして、その新しく学んだ単語をあなたのオリジナルの辞書に入れておくといいでしょう。 オンラインの辞書「単語林」 オリジナル辞書作成におすすめアプリ AnkiApp Tip 3 : Make it as your Habit (routine) せっかく日本語の本を購入したら、日常生活のルティーンに入れてがんばって読んでみましょう。どれくらいがいいでしょうか。初めて日本語の本を読む方なら、一日1ページからスタートすることをおすすめします。すでに、日本語の本を読んだことがある方なら一日3から5ページ読んでみたら、どうですか。たくさんの語彙を学ぶことができますよ。 おすすめ日本語の本/Japanese Novels 日本語学習者で中上級者におすすめの本できそうな本は以下です。 「夜は短し歩けよ乙女」:(著)森見登美彦 ” The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl ” by Tomihiko Morimi この小説はN1レベル上級者向けです。大学生の恋愛ファンタジーで、読みながら「クスッ」と笑ってしまう時があることでしょう。こちらに英語の解説がありますので、興味があれば読んでみてくださいね。登場人物が複数でてきます。時代設定が古いため、古風な表現や漢字もありますよ。 「阪急電車」:(著)有川 浩 “HankyuuContinue reading “Studying Japanese by reading books and How to find Japanese books”

Translation Service (English to Japanese)

I can translate from English to Japanese, however if you need official translations of documents, please seek approved translation agencies. I am a professional registered Japanese translator from Auckland University. The fee is usually NZ$0.20-0.25 per word. The rate may be higher for Technical or legal text Text with complex layout documents of critical importanceContinue reading “Translation Service (English to Japanese)”

Free Online Lesson

Free Japanese Online Lesson from Ayana.  ▼▼▼ Can you talk about the result of Tokyo Olympics in Japanese? Japanese Counters: This lesson video is suitable for those who want to learn basic Japanese counters. Dietary Restrictions:This Japanese lesson video is suitable for those who have food allergic, those who are vegetarian or vegan. Japanese GreetingsContinue reading “Free Online Lesson”

Essay Proofreading Help

Are you full of creative and thoughtful ideas, but losing points for grammar and punctuation mistakes in your essays? I can check the structure, contents and the quality of the language. Also, we can include some key grammar points or kanji which you want to include in your assignments to make it better. I can review yourContinue reading “Essay Proofreading Help”

Japanese Learning 3 Tips

Tip 1: Motivation !! What is your goal? Step 1 : Set your clear goal. This goal should be specific measurable, attainable and time frame for completion.  Example 1 : To be able to work for a Japanese company after I graduate from university in 2019. Example 2: To watch Manga and Anime without subtitle andContinue reading “Japanese Learning 3 Tips”