Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an idea of your teaching process?

The teaching process varies depending on the students level and goals. Some fluent students will practice listening, writing essay and speaking as well as weekly vocab test.

Example 1 (Beginner )

  • Study Japanese characters. (2 rows per week)
  • Vocab test (5 – 10 words per week)
  • a few grammar point each lesson.

Example 2 (Intermediate)

  • A short essay writing including new grammar points
  • N4 /N3 level listening test
  • Speaking practice (topic is different each week)

Example 3 (Advanced)

  • N1 or N2 level & Listening
  • Kanji test
  • Speaking practice (discussion topic is different each week)
Will I will need to purchase materials?

If you take my lessons weekly, you do not need to buy materials. I will provide you a photo copy or send you the materials via email.  If you are a beginner and would like to have a text book, Genki text book will be good to start with. You can purchase at Auckland Uni book store or online.

How long do you believe it will take to become fluent?

I am not sure timeline because it all depending on individuals. Many factors involves such as how much you put your effort into your learning and how often take lessons as well as constantly output your learning.

Hmm if you think about JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) exam, N1 is the fluent level. If you start with absolute beginner and study 1-2 years for N5 level and pass and move on to the next level. Probably, it will takes at least 6 years to be in N1 level which is fluent level. It’s my opinion, you need to put your effort, time and right strategy to gain the skill.

I am a shift worker so will need some flexibility with tutor dates and times. My roster each week is different so I will not be able to commit to the same time and date every week, is it possible?

Yes, you can book my lesson online this page.

Where do you do your Japanese lessons?

I offer my lessons in at my home office in Glenfield, Auckland or online via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. For more detail click/download  Online Japanese Lesson information.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. I have a 24 hours cancellation policy so if you know you won’t be able to make a lesson do let me know so we can rearrange it for you. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice until the lesson time, 50% fee will be payable. If you cancel on the booking time without any notice/contact, full fee will be payable. If you book though the booking website, you can cancel or reschedule through your booking confirmation E-mail.

Do you have a gift voucher?

Yes, I have gift voucher. Please click for more information.

Do you have a school holiday programme?

I do not have school holiday programme as I have regular students who take my lessons regularly/weekly. However, if you are interested in taking my lessons only during school holiday, you can do so. Please book through the booking and you can book upto 1 month.

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