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Fee -Auckland Japanese Tutor, Ayana -

Starter Plan –  $75 per hour (One to One) : You will learn at your own pace based on your abilities and take 1 hour lesson once a week on weekdays. Suitable for those who are planning to lesson for a short period of time or students who would like to pay weekly.

Standard$876 (12 lessons) : You will take Japanese tutoring once a week. Suitable for students who know their schedule in advance.

Serious – $1680 (24 lessons) : You will take Japanese tutoring once a week. Suitable for students who are committed to improve their Japanese faster.

Pair Plan (One to two) – $95/hour : suitable for taking private tutoring as a couple, friends, parent and child who is over 15 years old.

Group Lesson on Zoom  – $30/hour : suitable for taking JLPT exam N5 level. Max 4 Students.  For more detail. If you are interested in the group lesson, please apply for “express of interests” form

Online Lesson –  fee is same as face to face lesson. For more information, please click. 

Fee includes studying materials such as photo copy, online videos or homework etc..
Gift voucher is available, please click.

Please note that fee of proofreading online service is based on how long it takes. If you want to know the quote in advance, please contact me for further information.

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I am happy to support your learning journey!


Fees are to be paid in advance on the 1st of the month or set automatic weekly payment by internet banking. 


If you are interested in taking Japanese lessons but haven’t found a suitable slot, please feel free to contact me to inquire about the latest availability.

I  am often heavily booked, but usually have a few available slots. Please note: I don’t teach children under 15 yrs. The time is New Zealand time.

Sun & Mon : Not available
Tues: (1:30pm & 5:30pm fortnightly) / 4:00pm
Wed : Fully Booked
Thu : Fully Booked
Fri : (1:30pm available from June 2024)
Sat : 1:30pm (Group Lesson on Zoom “JLPT N5 exam preparation”)


Glenfield, North Shore or Online Lesson (Zoom) is also available. Click here for more detail.

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。 。 (‪ヘイデン‬)
。 。 (‪ヘイデン‬)
Over the past few years, I have managed to sustain and improve my Japanese language skills and I credit much of this to the support and commitment of Auckland Japanese Tutor Ayana. Each student has different goals and will learn at different paces. Ayana is mindful of this, showing patience, and respect and aligning the teaching sessions to best support the students. I believe that Ayana's experience living, studying, and working in another country is reflected in how she engages with students and develops the teaching material. This differs from Japanese language programs offered elsewhere and I believe it contributes to student learning outcomes. Anyone serious about learning Japanese should consider Auckland Japanese Tutor.
Sophie Wieser
Sophie Wieser
I have studied with Ayana sensei since 2016 and she is a wonderful teacher. She has helped me prepare well for JLPT lessons as well as travelling to Japan in the future and I highly recommend choosing her as your Japanese tutor
Kye Perez
Kye Perez
I really enjoyed all her lessons as I find them to be fascinating and fun. I have learned or experienced a lot of new great things. I find Ayana to be very patient, supportive and knowledgeable. I would like to keep taking Japanese lessons from her.
Claudz Perez
Claudz Perez
When my daughter indicated that she wanted to learn Japanese language, I asked her to google tutors. She found a number of them and we checked each one. We both felt that Ayana would be a good one to try and learn from. It turned out that she's great! She's very patient and adjusts to the level of the student, very professional and structured. It's almost a year since my daughter started her lessons with Ayana and she enjoys them very much. Highly recommended!
Have been taking Japanese lessons with Ayana-sensei since October 2020, and she is an amazing teacher. She is very friendly and helpful, and her lessons style is very structured to my current learning progress and needs, which has allowed it very easy to follow and learn. I have gone from very basic Japanese to passing the JLPT N4 exam, and preparing for N3 within this time. I was also able to land an internal transfer to work in Japan in my current company, and with her teachings am able to go while feeling confident in myself. Would highly recommend her if you are planning to learn Japanese, as she does well not only in teaching the theory/grammar, but also a healthy focus on speaking/conversations.
Louisa Tang
Louisa Tang
I enjoy the weekly Japanese classes very much. Apart from grammar, I can also learn nouns and verbs that I encounter in life. These words may not be learned in textbooks. Also, I appreciate the patience of teacher on my slow learning progress during the class.
James O'Connor
James O'Connor
I have been a student of Ayana for 1.5 years and have gained a lot of knowledge in that time. Ayana is very flexiable and tailors the lesson to you and your goals; I was able to pass my next JLPT exam with her personalised lessons. Highly recommend!!
Olivia Jordan
Olivia Jordan
I have been a student of Ayana's for three years now and can honestly say that if it weren't for her lessons, I wouldn’t have reached my current level of Japanese, or been able to maintain my Japanese in my adult life. Ayana is flexible and willing to change lesson plans on short notice to suit my needs, interests, and time commitments. She is a very positive teacher and I always feel excited to start a class with her. She is also very good at taking each student's individual goals with Japanese into account in her lesson plans. Thanks to Ayana, I have now reached a conversational level of Japanese and am going to take a working-holiday in Japan this April. I feel I will be able to take full advantage of this experience because of the strong foundation in Japanese that Ayana has given me. If you are interested in starting to study Japanese or are looking for a push to reach the next level in your Japanese studies, I could not recommend Ayana more.
Kylie Chow
Kylie Chow
I studied Japanese with Ayana-sensei for 3 years and it was such a valuable and enjoyable time. She is kind and helpful, and I felt my language skills improving significantly. Her teaching style is very easy to follow and to study with. I am grateful to have met her and to have studied with her.
keith lin
keith lin
I have been learning Japanese with Ayana sensei for 2 years now, and I have enjoyed all my lessons and feel I have learned so much of the language and culture.