Japanese Lesson Gift Certificates are available

Are you thinking of buying Japanese lessons for a friend or family member? Unique experiences can be more memorable than stuff. I offer private lessons, so your friends or family will get 100% of my attention during their learning time. Sometimes group lessons or classroom settings can be a little nerve wracking if you are a total beginner, but they will be comfortable and relaxed in my one-on-one tutoring.

How does it work?

Step 1 : Please contact me and let me know that you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate. There are four types.

  1. One Japanese private lesson – $55(beginner)
  2. Four Japanese private lessons – $205
  3. Beginner Special Plan (3 months)- $528 for 12 lessons

Lesson are online Zoom or at Glenfield, Auckland.

Step 2 : I will send you an invoice and the gift certificate via email.

Step 3 : The recipient of the gift certificate can then contact me to arrange the lesson booking.

Step 4 : Let’s start private Japanese lesson!

Sample image for E-gift voucher

Cancellation Policy

Holiday & Cancellation When absences will occur due to illness, holidays and other events, please let me know. I have a 24 hours cancellation policy so if you know you won’t be able to make a lesson do let me know so we can rearrange it for you. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice until the lesson time, 50 % fee will be payable.  If you cancel on the booking time without any notice/contact, full fee will be payable.

I normally wait in the Zoom meeting room(or my office) for 15 minutes, and if you do not show up after 15 minutes from our lesson appointment time without no contact, your lesson will be cancelled.(No refund fee) .  Therefore, if you can not make it a lesson or reschedule, please let me know in advance.  Let’s respect both of our time. 

Would you like to book Japanese Lesson?

Translation Service (English to Japanese)

Japanese Tutor Ayana

I can translate from English to Japanese, however if you need official translations of documents, please seek approved translation agencies.

I am a professional registered Japanese translator from Auckland University.

The fee is usually NZ$0.20-0.25 per word.
The rate may be higher for
  • Technical or legal text
  • Text with complex layout
  • documents of critical importance
  • when urgent turnaround is needed (under 48 hours).

Service Hours : Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

The above information is all I can give you before I see your documents. Please email or bring your documents to me, I will then give you a firm fixed quote. I can not accept hand written document, religious topics.

Ayana’s Translation Specialities
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Japanese Culture
Ayana’s Translation Background
  • Psychology research paper (Auckland University)
  • Mobile Phone App (Golf Swing Analyser Software)
  • Immigration Documents
  • University Assignments
  • Wedding Speech in Japanese


Essay Proofreading Help


Are you full of creative and thoughtful ideas, but losing points for grammar and punctuation mistakes in your essays? I can check the structure, contents and the quality of the language. Also, we can include some key grammar points or kanji which you want to include in your assignments to make it better.

I can review your paper before you turn it in!

There are three ways to help proofreading papers, essays and more.

Option A : Online Proof Reading Service

Option B : Proof Reading a live one to one session at Mt. Eden or near by location.

Option C : If you have not written your essay, please contact me.


Option A: Online Proof Reading Service

How it works :

Proof reading Service Fee

The fee is usually NZ$0.10 – $0.15 per word.

Please email or bring your documents to me, I will then give you a firm fixed quote. I can not accept hand written document, religious topics.

You will receive two documents.
1 : Your original essay including some comments and/or correction.
2: Your Japanese essay that is ready to submit


Ayana’s  Specialities
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Japanese Culture/ School / Society / Economic
Ayana’s  Background
  • Psychology research paper (Auckland University)
  • Mobile Phone App (Golf Swing Analyser Software)
  • Immigration Documents
  • University Assignments
  • High School Assignments
  • Wedding Speech in Japanese
Student’s Feedback for online proof reading ▼

What did you like about online proof reading services? 
The service was very very quick, I was very happy with how soon I got my paper back all proofread. I also liked how easy it was to send you my document then receive it, it was very good at how simple and easy it was – no hassle!
– Bianca (high school student) – 2017. November

Option B: Proof Reading in a live one to one session

You can get direct feedback and in depth explanation of some corrections.

Proof reading in a live one to one session fee : First trial session  $30.  Please check the Tutoring Lesson (One to One session) fee page. 

Option C : You have not written your essay yet.

If you have not written your Japanese essay yet, we can work on together during tutoring lesson.  I can give you some ideas of the topic based on your Japanese level.  You can contact me so that I can give you free quote then we can discuss some options.


You can check my current and past students feedback. 

“We first contacted Ayana for Japanese tutoring for our 15 year old son, in the spring of 2014. He was doing the Cambridge International Japanese IGCSE at one of the top schools in Auckland but was struggling and only achieved a grade of 58% in his Term 1 Japanese exam….Read more” -From the happy parents

30-Day Japanese Challenge for beginners

Exam Preparation

JLPT PreparationAuckland Japanese Tutor

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is held worldwide every year to evaluate and certify the proficiency in Japanese of primarily non-native speakers of Japanese. The test has been held annually since 1984.

We can practice on the past exam papers, kanji list and grammar list based on your level. I can anaylse your weak area and prepare for it to pass the exam!

If you pass the exam, you will receive the certificate!

Cambridge Preparation

The Cambridge International AS Level Japanese syllabus enables learners to achieve greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in the language as it is spoken and written, and improve their communication skills.

They will learn how to improve their use of Japanese in a variety of situations, understanding how to read texts and other source materials, and how to extract information, initiate conversations and respond to questions both orally and in writing.

I can also teach exam tips and technique in order to achieve your goal!!


I organised to held “GNK ( Global Nihongo Kentei  ) Exam” on 27th Jan 2018.

You will receive the certificate.