Japanese Lesson Gift Certificates are available

Are you thinking of buying Japanese lessons for a friend or family member? Unique experiences can be more memorable than stuff. I offer private lessons, so your friends or family will get 100% of my attention during their learning time. Sometimes group lessons or classroom settings can be a little nerve wracking if you areContinue reading “Japanese Lesson Gift Certificates are available”

Translation Service (English to Japanese)

I can translate from English to Japanese, however if you need official translations of documents, please seek approved translation agencies. I am a professional registered Japanese translator from Auckland University. The fee is usually NZ$0.25 per word. The rate may be higher for Technical or legal text Text with complex layout documents of critical importanceContinue reading “Translation Service (English to Japanese)”

Essay Proofreading Help

Are you full of creative and thoughtful ideas, but losing points for grammar and punctuation mistakes in your essays? I can check the structure, contents and the quality of the language. Also, we can include some key grammar points or kanji which you want to include in your assignments to make it better. I can review yourContinue reading “Essay Proofreading Help”