Japanese for Travel Course in 2023

Auckland Japanese Tutor offers Japanese travel course for those who are planning to visit Japan for business or pleasure. This is a small group class so you will be comfortable to practice speaking and ask questions!

You will learn :

  • Key phrases and greetings
  • Introducing yourself
  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Asking direction
  • Numbers (such as price & time)
  • Key signs written in Japanese characters
  • Better understand and discuss aspects of Japanese language and culture

If you have any specific topic to discuss, I maybe able to incorporate to our course contents. This course has a focus on oral communication rather than the written language. Japanese will be taught in Romaji (the alphabet)&Hiragana both . Situations include greetings, shopping, dining out, and asking directions. Each week, new vocabulary will be added. There will be lots of speaking exercises and practise to develop your confidence with spoken Japanese.

Course time

The Japanese for travel course will consists of 1.5 hour lessons that runs for 10 weeks from in the end of January to beginning of April 2023. Time and date will be announce in November 2022.

Location : 96 Bentley Avenue, Glenfield, Auckland 0629 (Glenfield Community Centre) or Auckland Japanese Tutor’s classroom in Glenfield


10 lessons – NZD ONLY $435 ($29/hr)

Paid full in advance by internet banking.

If you are not sure to sign up the course yet, you can book a free 15 minutes consultation [Link] so that we can talk. (Available until 9th of December 2022)

It’s limited seats.

If you are interested in, please fill in the Course Registration form below and I will inform you more detail.

Are you ready to explore Japan? Do you love Japanese food? Do you like to see cherry blossom in Japan?

Japan is both ancient and advanced all at the same time. The combination of rich nature, and futuristic cities is a unique juxtaposition. It’s alluring and intimidating all at once. Especially since only 10% of Japanese can hold a conversation in English!

But don’t let that stop you!

Learning a little bit of Japanese can help you unlock a deeper, richer experience during your stay. It can give you the confidence to wander down that alley in Kyoto and take advantage of the unplanned things that simply unfold during your trip. In Japan, even a little Japanese can go a very long way! Having the basics covered can give you both peace of mind and the experience of a lifetime.

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