How to use “すごい/sugoi”?

One of my students came across the question. I often heard the word “すごい/sugoi” while watching Japanese programme or TV shows. What does sugoi mean? What situation do you use it in? すごい has many meanings; amazing, wonderful and terrible. It can be used in positive and negative both ways as well as formal andContinue reading “How to use “すごい/sugoi”?”

Boost your Japanese Vocabulary Online Course

Boost your Japanese Vocabulary from beginner to upper-intermediate level!! You will learn around 750 to 800 Japanese words! Coming Soon Sample Video Lesson 6 ▼ What will you learn? Lesson 1 :  Numbers (from 1 to 100) Lesson 2 :  Numbers (from 100 to 1 million) Lesson 3 :  Telling Time (o’clock, minute and time duration)Continue reading “Boost your Japanese Vocabulary Online Course”