Boost your Japanese Vocabulary Online Course

Boost your Japanese Vocabulary from beginner to upper-intermediate level!! You will learn around 750 to 800 Japanese words!
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Sample Video Lesson 6 ▼

What will you learn?

Lesson 1 :  Numbers (from 1 to 100)

Lesson 2 :  Numbers (from 100 to 1 million)

Lesson 3 :  Telling Time (o’clock, minute and time duration)

Lesson 4 : Day of the week

Lesson 5 : Year, Month & Date

Lesson 6 : Counters (Part 1: small things, volume, long objects & flat object etc…)

Lesson 7 : Counters (Part 2: number of people, age, clothes & frequency etc…)

Lesson 8 : Counters (Part 3: shoes, songs, houses & drinks etc…)

Lesson 9 : い-adjectives (Part 1)

Lesson 10 : い-adjectives (Part 2)

Lesson 11 : な-adjectives (Part 1)

Lesson 12 : な-adjectives (Part 2)

Lesson 13 : 10 Verbs and tense (Present / Past tense)

Lesson 14 : 10 Verbs and tense (Negative / Past negative)

Lesson 15 : 10 useful verbs (te-form)

Lesson 16 :  Weather

Lesson 17 :  Family

Lesson 18  : Food (vegetable, fruits, meat & fish)

Lesson 19 : Body and illness

Lesson 20 : Education and School

Lesson 21 : Inside the house

Lesson 22 : Music, sports and movies

Lesson 23 : Station

Lesson 24 : Work

Lesson 25 : How to boost your vocabulary effectively?


This course offers learning materials for general Japanese language learners whose native language is not Japanese.

※Printing the Online Japanese PDF supplemental Resources.


The“Boost your Japanese Vocabulary Online Course 25 lessons ” is intended for beginner to upper intermediate level. Ideally  those who can read hiragana, but not necessary as long as you can listen to the video and practice pronunciation. Through the use of video materials, learners will study and improve their vocabulary (750 to 800 words included).

Who is this suitable for?

  • Learners who want to communicate with native Japanese people
  • Learners who understand English and whose native language is not Japanese
  • Learners who want to improve from beginner to upper-intermediate Japanese
  • Learners who want to take the JLPT N5 and N4
  • Learners who want to be proficient in conversational Japanese
  • Foreign employees who plan to travel to Japan for business and sightseeing


General terms and conditions for online and taught courses

Payment Option

  1. Bank Transfer to ANZ Bank

  2. Credit Card payment via Paypal

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