Some Japanese writing tips for beginners

Hello everyone. I would like to share some Japanese writing tips.


Japanese Writing tip 1.


Do you know when to use the Japanese comma ” 、”? 

It is used in the following scenarios:

  • when there are two different words written in both kanji
  • after conjunction words such as but, then etc.


For example:

明日天気が悪い→ 明日、天気が悪いでしょう。





  • 漢字やひらがなが連続する時。
  • 接続詞(せつぞくし)のあと


Japanese Writing tip 2. 


We use numbers the same as western countries, so when you write sentences that include numbers it is okay to write the numbers. You do not need to write in Hiragana all the time. You might be surprised to learn that sentences written entirely in Hiragana are actually not that easy to read for Japanese people as they are used to sentences that contain kanji where you would naturally find it. A big part of Japanese culture is thinking of other people and trying to not make them feel uncomfortable, so it’s best to follow a more natural Japanese style and just write the numbers. 


For example:

いちにちにななじかんねます。I sleep 7 hours per day.


or if you can use kanji


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