Message from Your Japanese Tutor, Ayana

Hello all,

I hope you and your family are doing well.
Since isolation started in New Zealand, currently I am offering lessons via Zoom.
I love my job and am committed to my students. I think for children and teenagers, continuing to take Japanese lessons can bring back a bit of that normal, everyday routine even though there is no school during this time.
For adult learners, it can provide a welcome distraction from all of the COVID-19 news coming at us all the time. I have chosen to distract myself by learning to improve my cooking, though shopping is difficult, so I have to get creative!
Do you know the Japanese proverb “波乱万丈(はらんばんじょう)”haranbanjyou” ? It means “full of ups and downs”.
This is a time that is full of ups and downs for everyone, but It will get better. One day this will all be history. In the meantime, please stay safe and well. Once this situation gets back to normal, I will start offering lessons in person again in Glenfield!
See you online for now.

Thank you for taking my lessons.  It is a pleasure to teach every single one of you.


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