Japanese Learning 3 Tips

auckland-japanese-tutor-3-tips-on-learningTip 1: Motivation !! What is your goal?

Step 1 : Set your clear goal. This goal should be specific measurable, attainable and time frame for completion. 

Example 1 : To be able to work for a Japanese company after I graduate from university in 2019.

Example 2: To watch Manga and Anime without subtitle and be able to talk about it with Japanese when I visit Japan next year.

Example 3 : To make at least 3 Japanese friends and go out with them for dinner or karaoke by 31st December this year.

I always discuss my students goals in the first lesson date.

Step 2 : Think of action plans. How you can achieve your goal?

Some of examples are following ;

  • Learning 10 vocabulary everyday by writing on 1 page note and test by myself on the smartphone app. Make your own sentences using the new vocabulary and to be checked the sentences by tutor. The porpose of this is you can remember the new words well by associated with yourself. Then, you feel more familiar with the vocabulary. (from beginner to upper intermediate level) For example, if you learn the word ~はたらく (to work), you can make the sentence like `わたしは、げつようびからきんようびまでかいしゃではたらく`
  • Practice job interview in Japanese with tutor or Japanese friends every weekend (Advanced level) in order to get a job in Japan.
  • Watch Anime without subtitle first, then watch again with subtitle and pose when you come across new vocabulary and keep notes of it. Again, watch the anime without subtitle and practice speaking out by copying what the character was talking. This studying method should be done every month. (This way is for upper intermediate level, however I would suggest not select full of slang that nobody uses )

Step 3 : Make it as your Habit (routine)

If you can make it learning as your habit, you can learn faster. You do not need to feel overwhelmed by learning Japanese because if you have negative feeling, you can not master Japanese. I would like to suggest, enjoy the challenge and the journey of the learning process.

I have asked few times “How long it will take to be fluent?”, my answer is “depend on how much you are willing to put your time and effort”.  I would say, if you want to be fluent, please execute your action plans rather than caring how long. This is can be said, not only learning Japanese, but also gaining new skill takes time & effort so you need to have a determined mind set in order to achieve your goal.

Tip 2: Immersion : Combination of Input and Output is the key

You may think it is impossible to immerse yourself in Japanese while you are in New Zealand. However, you can surrounded yourself with lots of Japanese by following ways;

  • Watching Japanese dramas
  • Listening to Japanese music and singing karaorke.
  • Reading Japanese books and notes on our walls.
  • Buy some of Japanese products and check the packages

Then, the most important things is repeating the process of input and output learning both. So, while you immerse yourself in Japanese surrounding, you also need to output which could be speaking or practice writing. Try to talk to Japanese people as much as possible, like going to Japan society events or talk to staffs at Japanese restaurant or taking Japanese conversation lesson.

Tip 3: Never give up

Learning Japanese can be fun, and even occasionally useful if you happen to live in Japan, but it’s not like someone’s going to lay the hands of knowledge on you and you’ll be like, Oh my God, I can see!  I can see kanji! Learning requires some times, however if you give up it, your thinking will stop and switch to relaxed mode, as a result, your goal can not be achieved.

If you are stacked about improving your level, I can consult your learning method in right way. If you want to master Japanese, never give up, keep going until you deserve the benefit.

You may want to take a rest or lost motivation, it is ok as human being, it will happens time to time, then you can always come back to see you goal (Why I am learning Japanese?) by reminding your goals will bring back your leaning motivation.


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