Online Japanese Private Lesson via Zoom

Do you live outside of Auckland or in a foreign country?

Don’t worry, I have been providing online Japanese lesson more than 3 years via online.

Some of my students who live in Auckland even take my lessons online as their parents can save time on the commute while still getting that home-tutoring feel.  I can teach Japanese to anyone who speaks English as long as you can access the internet.

Q1. How does it work?

Online lesson will be conducted using a video chat software called Zoom. I will send a Zoom link and you will click the link to start the lesson.  For example, if your lesson time is 4pm on Tuesdays, you can use the same link to join the lesson every week.

  1. You can book time and date. (Please inform me in NZ time zone)
  2. You receive a Zoom link and you download on your PC
  3. Pay lesson fee via through online banking to ANZ bank.
  4. Let’s start our Japanese lesson!

Screen Share Sample▼

I can share textbook or workbook via screen and also I can type English/Japanese both so you will have a similar experience as face-to-face lesson.  Hand-writing check is a little bit difficult but I can give you some advise if you send me your photos of writing.



Q2. What will I need?

  • Computer with camera and install Japanese font
  • Fast internet access
  • Google account

Printer (for those who want to print out)

Q3. How about studying materials and how does homework are checked?

  • I will share with your homework every lesson via google drive so you can try the homework online. If you like to write down on hard-copy, you need to print out them.  It is up to you.
  • Studying materials will be sent via email with attachments
  • Additional Online lesson videos links will be sent via email.
  • Most exercises are based on Genki textbook.


Homework Sample (Beginner level)▼

Example 1) Translation from English to Japanese.

Homework Sample (Pre-Intermediate level)▼

Example 2) Writing own sentences using grammar points.

Japanese Lesson Support

I am happy to support your learning journey!

Support 1 : You can post your comment  on secret Facebook members page if you have any questions regarding Japanese anytime between lessons as part of ongoing support.  Your comment can be seen only me and other students.

Support 2Online lesson videos (20 videos) are available for beginners. You can review and practice your pronunciation at your home after tutoring lesson or when you skip lesson.

Support 3 :  Homework checking ; I share your homework via google drive so if you want me to check your homework before our lesson, I can do so as it is part of my educational service. But, I do not receive notification so please send me email to say “My homework is done”.

What is looks like online lesson?


Lesson Sample ▼

How to share your homework via google doc.

How to download Zoom?