Japanese Online Course

Q1. What are the Japanese Online Courses? 

The Japanese Online Course is a course for learning Japanese language skills comprehensively.

Q2. Who are this courses for?

This course is mainly for from teenage to adult learners of Japanese overseas (English speaking countries). Being an online course, it is best suited for people who are interested in the Japanese language but could not easily find the time to study because they are busy with work, school, household duties, childcare and others, or who does not have a place to study Japanese near them.

The Japanese Online Course is available not only for PCs but also for tablets and smartphones as long as you can access the internet. You can use your spare time to study Japanese anytime and anywhere by using a tablet or smartphone. You can study by watching Japanese lesson videos and download pdf resources.

Q3. What level does the Japanese Online Course have?
The Japanese language levels of the Japanese Online Course conform to the 5 levels based on the JLPT(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) . The JLPT was developed to measure the proficiency level of non-native learners of Japanese. However, even if you do not have a plan to set the exam, you can see the below Japanese Courses (level)chart to find the right course for your level.

General terms and conditions for online and taught courses

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  1. Master Japanese Characters (Hiragana and Katakana)

  2. Master Japanese Greetings and Expressions Online Course (All 11 lessons) &Pronunciation of Japanese

  3. Travelling in Japan

  4. Comprehensive Japanese Grammar Course (Beginner/JLPT N5)

  5. Comprehensive Japanese Grammar (Upper Beginner/Intermediate/JLPT N4)

  6. Comprehensive Japanese Grammar Course (Intermediate/Upper intermediate/JLPT N3)

  7. Comprehensive Japanese Grammar (N2 level/Pre-advanced)

  8. Comprehensive Japanese Grammar (N1 level/Advanced)

  9. Boost Vocabulary (800 Words)

30-Day Japanese Challenge for beginners