Japanese Lesson Fee and Availability

Japanese Lesson Approach

I always focus on students requests so if you would like to have oral lessons and informal lessons rather than a proper ‘text book’ approach, I can do that as well.   I want my all students to achieve their goals and enjoy the journey of learning.

Japanese Lesson Fee

My fee is different depending on your level and booking time.

Weekdays After 5:00pm  –  $55 – $60  per hour (One to One) Beginners are $55

Saturday  –  $60-65  per hour (One to One) Beginners are $60

Regular Plan (Weekday 9:30am – 4:00pm)  –  $50 per hour (One to One) : You will learn at your own pace based on your abilities and take a lesson once a week on weekdays. Suitable for those who are planning to travel or live in Japan for a short period of time or want to learn Japanese quickly. Level is beginner to upper intermediate level.

Exam Preparation/Advanced students – $60-65 per hour : those who are N2 and N1 level students or who are planing to pass exam JLPT N3 or above level. Those who are preparing for Job/school interview in Japan.

Private/Group Lesson at Your Office/house –  : those who want me to come to your site. Depending on the location, I can not offer my lesson. I maybe can come to you around daytime (around 11am to 1pm) so please contact me including your address and parking information and I will give you my quote. Note; Travel expense will be applied.

Pair Plan – $70 ($35 each/Beginner) : For those who are interested in taking a lesson as a couple, friends or parent and children.

Becoming a Japanese Teacher Plan – $150 (per hour) : For those who want to be a professional Japanese teacher/tutor  as a self-employee, teaching approach and customers relationships etc..

Special Plan (3 months)- $528 for 12 lessons paid in advance and will be booked 12 lessons on weekdays (For example, 3  lessons a week or weekly). Suitable for those who want to save per lesson fee. (Applied for Beginner level only)

Online Lesson –  fee is same as face to face lesson. For more information, please click. 

Please check the sample of progress report for children. →Click to See the sample

Fee includes studying materials such as photo copy, online videos or homework etc.. 

Please note that fee of Proofreading online service is based on how long it takes. If you want to know the quote in advance, please contact me for further information.

Japanese Lesson Support

I am happy to support your learning journey!

Support 1 : You can post your comment  on secret Facebook members page if you have any questions regarding Japanese anytime between lessons as part of ongoing support.  Your comment can be seen only me and other students.

Support 2 : Online lesson videos (around 70 videos) are available for beginners to intermediate level. You can review and practice your pronunciation at your home after tutoring lesson or when you skip lesson.

Support 3 : You can join online Group follow up via Zoom. Time and Date is not fixed. I will inform to regular students. The purpose is building self-confidence in speaking Japanese. (Zoom is easy online meeting system)

Support 4 : Homework Checking. I can check your homework via online or in person.


Fees are to be paid in advance by monthly by internet banking. Special fees can be paid in advance fully.


Evenings are booked due to popular time. If you are interested in those time, please let me know so that I can put your name on my waiting list and inform you as soon as possible when it becomes available.   

Mon : 11:30am/12:30am/13:00 or 13:20
Tues: Fully Booked
Wed : 13:00 or 13:20
Thu : 11:30/11:45/16:00
Fri : 13:00
Sat : 12:00pm every two weeks


Glenfield, North Shore,  Auckland (Home based) Guest Parking Available.

Online Lesson (Zoom) is also available. Click here for more detail.