Success Story#3 ; We are enjoying very basic TV shows!

Do you have a dream of working or studying in Japan?
If so, I can help you with your Japanese.
When I was in high school in Japan, I had a dream of a doing a degree overseas.

I would like to share my students’ success story.

They are a married couple and the husband was studying to be a doctor specialised in neurology.
In his final year of study he could choose a country for medical training and he chose Japan. His wife was also interested in Japan, so they decided to go together for few months to Japan.

They had no Japanese background before coming to my lessons.
They took my lessons once a week at 7pm until they left for Japan.
During that time, my office moved from city area to the North Shore, New Zealand and they kept taking my lessons even after my office re-location.

Since they only had 5 months to prepare for going to Japan we covered the following topics;

Preparation course example ) The 2 and 5 are customised lessons.

  1. Basic greetings
  2. Self introduction
  3. Japanese culture in work environments
  4. Useful travel phrases
  5. Basic questions to ask clients

They also shared with me their travel plans.
His wife asked me if “he better bring business cards?” .
I said ;
In Japanese culture business people must have business cards, however I do not think medical students need it. Japanese medical staff or clients may not expect you to have your cards.

Then, they flew to Tokyo for medical training as well as sightseeing for a few months.
Don’t you think it is a great opportunity to go to Japan like this couple?
I hope their story has inspired you in some way.


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