Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPT N2】

Sample Lesson Video

What will you learn?

  • Master vocabulary, expressions, and verb conjugations related to the JLPT N2 level.
  • By practicing native’s pronunciation, students will be able to speak spoken in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree.
  • Students will be able to read difficult sentences encountered in everyday situations and understand.The N2 is the second-to-hardest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). You will learn JLPT N2 level grammar points. It includes more than 70 grammar points and total 23 lessons.


The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree
You will be able to listen and comprehend sentences.
N2 level goals

※Printing the Online Japanese PDF supplemental Resources.


The“ Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPT N2】” is intended for pre-advanced. Through the use of video materials, learners will study a variety of grammar used in daily life, including many kanji. JLPT N2 does NOT comes with romaji. You can download PDF for each lesson slides.

JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 1(~挙句(あげく)/挙句に/挙句の果てに、~兼ねない(かねない、~兼ねる(かねる))
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 2(~かけ/~かけの/~かける、~は~に限る、~あまり)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 3(~反面(半面)、~かと言うと/かと言えば/なぜかと言うと、~かと思ったら/かと思いきや/かと思うと)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 4(~か~ないかのうちに、~ものの、必ずしも~とは限らない/必ずしも~わけではない)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 5(~きり/っきり、~矢先(に)、~に基づいて/に基づき/に基づく/に基づいた)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 6(~はおろか、~ものがある、~を除いて/を除き)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 7(ばいいのに、~わけです、~にあたって/にあたり/にあたっての)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 8(~わけではない/わけでもない/というわけではない/というわけでもない、なるべく、~は別にして/は別として)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 9(~と言っても、~と言っても過言ではない、ろくに~ない)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 10(ゆえに、一向に~ない、および)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 11(まんいち、今でこそ~が、あえて)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 12 (~にかけては、今にも~そうだ、いよいよ)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 13 (いつのまにか、~ずに済む/ないで済む/なくて済む、せっかく)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 14(~得る(うる)、~得ない(えない)、いったん~ば、~でいいです)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 15(~甲斐(がい)、~甲斐がある/~甲斐があって/~甲斐がない/~甲斐もなく、~てもやむを得ない/やむを得ない)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 16(より仕方がない、せめて、~ものですから/~ものだから/もんだから)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 17(限りなく~に近い、思うように、よっぽど)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 18(~からいいようなものの/からいいものの/からよかったものの、さすがに、からこそ)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 19(からには、それにしても、~ことだろう/ことでしょう)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 20(~つつ、~つつある、たちまち、~ことにはならない)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 21(つうじて、~されるまま/されるがままに、~こなす)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 22(たまらない、とうてい、~ざるを得ない)
JLPT N2 Grammar Lesson 23(~まい、~次第(しだい)、~ずにはいられない/ないではいられない)

Who is this suitable for?

  • Learners who want to communicate with native Japanese people
  • Learners who understand English and whose native language is not Japanese
  • Learners who want to improve from intermediate to advance Japanese
  • Learners who passed JLPT N3 and will take JLPT N2 exam in the near future.
  • Learners who want to be proficient in conversational Japanese
  • Business person who plan to travel to Japan for business and sightseeing

General terms and conditions for online and taught courses

How it works?

Step 1 : Apply for the online course

Step 2 : You will receive an email (within 48 hours in working days)

Step 3:  Please pay your course fee

Step 4 : Japanese Tutor, Ayana will send you password

Step 5 : You can access “Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPT N2】” page with the password. Get started to learn Japanese!!


JLPT Level 2 Grammar Master course : NZ$ 80.00- or US$57.00- (depending on exchange rate on the day)

Payment Option
– Bank Transfer to ANZ Bank
– Credit Card payment via Paypal

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