Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPTN4】

Sample Video Lesson ▼

What will you learn?

You will learn intermediate level grammar points. It includes 61 grammar points and total 16 lessons (381 minutes). + bonus lesson videos


You will be able to listen and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life and generally follow their contents, provided that they are spoken slowly. You will be able to read and understand passages on familiar daily topics written in basic vocabulary and kanji.

※Printing the Online Japanese PDF supplemental Resources.


The“ Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPTN4】” is intended for beginner to intermediate. Through the use of video materials, learners will study a variety of grammar used in  daily life, in addition to a little bit of Japanese culture. JLPT N4 does NOT comes with romaji.

6-6. N4 grammar①(~し、そうです、てみる、なら、periodにfrequency、がほしい、たがる)
6-7. N4 grammar②(~かもしれない、~たらどうですか、Number+も、しか~ない、~ておく、~よう、~おう)
6-8. N4Grammar③(てあげる、くれる、てもらう、~ていただけませんか、~といいんですね、~といいですが、~てすみません)
6-9 N4 Grammar④ (~そうです、~させる、~なさい、~ば/れば、~ても、~たら、~なくてもいい)
6-10 N4 Grammar⑤(~みたい、~てしまう、Dictionary form + と、~ながら、~ばよかった、てくれてありがとう)
6-11 N4 Grammar ⑥(~てよかった、~はずです、~ないで、~かどうか、~という、~やすい&~にくい)
6-12. N4 Grammar ⑦(~られる、~てある、~ているあいだに、~く/~にする、~てほしい)
6-13. N4 Grammar ⑧(のに、~ような、~のように、~させられる、~ことにする~ことにしている)
6-14. What is the difference between the conditionals ば and たら
6-15. N4 Grammar ⑨(~とおもいます、~とき、~って、~まで、~かた)
6-16. N4 Grammar ⑩(~だけ、~たあと、~のあとで、~たまま、~のまま)

6-17. JLPT N4 practice test grammar section Answer 解説
6-18. What is the difference between the passive sentences ~られる and ~させられる
6-19 GNK Listening test 25 mins.

Who is this suitable for?

  • Learners who want to communicate with native Japanese people
  • Learners who understand English and whose native language is not Japanese
  • Learners who want to improve from beginner to intermediate Japanese
  • Learners who passed JLPT N5 and will take JLPT N4 exam in the near future.
  • Learners who want to be proficient in conversational Japanese
  • Foreign employees who plan to travel to Japan for business and sightseeing


General terms and conditions for online and taught courses

How it works?

Step 1 : Apply for the online course

Step 2 : You will receive an email (within 48 hours in working days)

Step 3:  Please pay your course fee

Step 4 : Japanese Tutor, Ayana will send you password

Step 5 : You can access “Japanese Grammar Online Course 【JLPT N4】” page with the password. Get started to learn Japanese!!


Level 4 course : NZD 60.00-

Payment Option
– Bank Transfer to ANZ Bank
– Credit Card payment via Paypal

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