【Free】33-Day Japanese Challenge for beginners -Online Lesson-

In our busy lives, it is sometimes tempting to regard merely practicing as a success. Do you want to start learning & speaking Japanese?

If so, one useful method is to set a daily SAP : smallest achievable perfection.  In this technique, you pick a single chunk that you can perfect. That is why I have put together this free video series of quick, daily Japanese lessons to help you perfect a new bit of Japanese every day.

Goal : You will learn a few Japanese words/phrases per day. The point of this course is to take the time to aim at a small, defined target, and the put all your effort toward to it.

Level : This course is designed for absolute beginners.

What can I get? 

  • You will receive an email with a short lesson video/per day for 33 days.
  • You will gain a learning habit.
  • After the course “33-Day Japanese Challenge for beginners”, you have a high chance to be from absolute beginner to upper beginner!!


Free Japanese Online Lesson from Ayana.
33-Day Japanese Challenge for beginners

Would you like to have a learning habit?

With deep practice, small daily practice are more effective than once a week practice. The reason has to do with the way our brains group incrementally, a little each day, even as we sleep. Daily learning, even for five minutes, nourishes this process.

The other advantage of practicing daily is that become a habit. The act of practicing – making time to do it, doing it well – can be thought of as a skill in itself, perhaps the most important skill of all. Give it time. According to research, establishing a new habit takes about thirty days.

That’s why I made this course 33 days! Sign up now to receive your first lesson right away.

Free Japanese Online Lesson from Ayana.
“33-Day Japanese Challenge for beginners”

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